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November 21, 2017

Ushers are the men and women who serve the parish during Mass by welcoming the people as they enter the church, collect the offering envelopes from the Mass attendees, and direct the flow of people during Holy Communion. Before Mass begins, the Ushers approach individuals and ask them to present the gifts of bread and wine during the Offertory. The ushers offer assistance to the people during and after Mass. At the end of Mass, the Ushers distribute the Borgian, our parish bulletin, to the people as they leave.


Greeters are the men and women who volunteer to greet the people as they enter the church before Mass. The Ushers, often times, are also greeters. Greeters are there to make the people, especially those who are visitors to the parish, feel welcome just by their smiles, kind words and hospitality.